Developing Life Skills through Golf

Learning is at the heart of anything that we try to achieve in life. Learning how to read and write, learning how to hit a golf ball, learning how to build good relationships with people.

Pre-Shot Academy Programme – Developing high-performing people through golf from Pre-Shot on Vimeo.

At the Pre-Shot Academy our research shows that if people learn how to:
– motivate themselves
– build confidence
– concentrate effectively
– control their activation
– lead others

…they will be much more capable of getting the best out of their golf, but also school and life in general. The videos below show an example of how our approach is being used to underpin all learning in a school, and the results that it brings.

Andrew Foster talks about the Tougher Minds Training Programme at Colfe’s linking it to GCSE success from Pre-Shot on Vimeo.

Colfe’s School Performance Psychology Programme – developing skills in pupils to increase their productivity and creativity from Pre-Shot on Vimeo.