Breaking down Golf Psychology

The Pre-Shot process is used to train every golf coach who becomes a PGA Professional in Great Britain and Ireland.

All golf swings start with an electrical impulse in your brain. Our products and training processes will help you to put your Logical Brain in control of the impulse and not your Monkey Brain.

Because we would like everyone to enjoy the benefits golf psychology can bring we have broken Pre-Shot Golf in to 2 levels. Level 1 introduces the basic principles and level 2 takes you on to the processes our top amateurs and professionals use every round.

Each of our various golf psychology products use the following lessons to help golfers to play their best golf:

Level 1
Our Level 1 products focus on the following core lessons:

1. Stop concentrating on the wrong things as you strike the ball
2. Stop destroying your confidence after your shot, build it instead
3. Stop doubting yourself as you set up to the ball

Level 2
Our Level 2 products focus on the following core lessons:

4. Stop ignoring Activation, begin your routine with it
5. Stop making poor decisions that cost you shots
6. Stop letting your Monkey Brain win, play and practice properly

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