Improve your game faster with mental training

The Pre-Shot process is used to train every golf coach who becomes a PGA Professional in Great Britain and Ireland.

The system consists of six key lessons, which are based on proven golf psychology concepts. Each lesson can be broken down into simple, practical exercises. These can be done on the golf course, at the driving range and at home. We have two levels, you can learn more here:


Lesson One – Learn how to control your thoughts whilst you swing the club.

Lesson Two – Learn how to control your thoughts after you have hit a bad shot.

Lesson Three – Learn how to use imagery before your shot like Jack Nicklaus.


Lesson Four – Learn how to control your nerves or pump yourself up at the beginning of your routine.

Lesson Five – Learn how to make better decisions on the golf course.

Lesson Six – Practice for success : shoot lower scores by improving the way you practice.

Most golfers hit more bad shots in a round than they need to. This results in shooting high scores, and feelings of frustration. We use Golf Psychology to help you overcome these problems by building a bulletproof pre-shot golf routine. Based on feedback and research of our Golf Psychologists we believe that our training is the best of its kind in the world. Pre-Shot Golf’s mission is to help every golfer hit more great shots and shoot lower scores.

Find out how we use Golf Psychology to improve your game from Pre-Shot Golf Psychology on Vimeo.

How does Pre-Shot Work? – the Apps and Physical kits from Pre-Shot on Vimeo.

Your Monkey Brain is the problem
Your Monkey Brain makes you hit most of your bad shots. It is designed to protect you – it helps you to survive by making you aware of threats. The golf course is very threating place for your Monkey Brain. Looking bad in front of other people is a major threat. That is why your Monkey Brain is so keen to tell you not to hit the ball into the bunker, trees, water or rough.

Pre-Shot apps, training aids and workshops have been designed to use golf psychology to help you control your Monkey Brain. It does this by helping you to use your Logical Brain – the part of your brain which you use when you are playing your best golf.

Pre-Shot training will help you to hit more great shots and play winning golf. Winning golf feels great!

Do Pre-Shot routines work during a round of Golf? from Pre-Shot on Vimeo.

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