Free Golf Psychology Tips

All too often I see golfers at the range going through the motions; hitting ball, after ball, after ball. STOP AND THINK! You can only improve if you are making mistakes, and you will only make mistakes if you challenge yourself. He are some mental golf tips to help you to challenge yourself more in practice:

1) Before practice set yourself 3 specific goals relating to what you want to get out of the session.

2) Hit shots on the range as you would hit them on the course:

– go through a routine

– pick a different target each time

– change clubs

3) Set yourself little competitions i.e. hit x amount of shots within x distance of the target that you are aiming at.

4) Once you have finished the session review your goals, and rank how much effort you have put into the session out of 100%

Following these steps will improve your golf faster than just hitting ball, after ball, after ball. Now go improve your mental golf.

Take a look at this short video to how see how Pre-Shot Golf can help take your first step in Golf Psychology