The Pre-Shot Podcast

The Pre-Shot podcast features Jon Finn, PGA Golf Psychology consultant and inventor of the Pre-Shot Golf training programme.  From time to time, Jon is joined on the podcast by Jim McKenna, Professor of Psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University and also by other golf related guests

This podcast gives a fantastic insight into golf and sport psychology, and has some great ideas for improving your game. Listen to these episodes now:

Mental skills for winning golf

Emotional control and playing good golf

Setting long-term goals for success

Performance under pressure part 1

Pre-Shot supports Tour player

Lessons in motivation and consistency

Goal setting : Rory McIlroy’s big announcement

Only the right type of practice makes perfect

Performance under pressure part 2

Focus on yourself, learn from Bubba Watson

Build your confidence like Martin Kaymer and Wayne Rooney

Tame your “Monkey Brain” to play better golf

Successful team building, learn from Paul McGinley

Improving confidence for winning golf

Confidence, belief and mental strength for Golf

The mental aspect of McIlroy’s muscle building

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